The Montreal Tourist Experience By Car

Montreal is located in the Quebec Province of Canada and serves as the administrative center for the province. This article reviews tourist destinations in Montreal that can be accessed by road since the car rental industry is very much alive in Montreal.

The city has a population of about 2 million residents most of whom are French speakers. Montreal’s great weather, cultural diversity, and heritage make it a preferred tourist destination for tourists.

First, if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of Montreal, you have to do it on the road. A car comes in handy in enhancing the mobility and convenience of every visitor. Most tourists don’t make it to Montreal in their cars. Luckily, there are car rental Montreal in Montreal to service your need for mobility. At this point, I know most of you worry about the rates and costs but be assured they’re cheap and affordable.

Tourist Destinations to Visit in Montreal

Let’s review the tourist destination you could make way to in Montreal from the comfort of your rental car. Let’s start our tour with a bird’s eye view of the big city. The Montreal Tower Observatory is an architectural marvel. It consists of a 540-feet high inclined viewing tower. It takes visitors just 2 minutes to make it to the top of the observatory tower from where you can the city’s outline spanning out as far as 80 kilometers. The Montreal Skyline is a vintage scene and proves a romantic location for couples.

Car rentals in Montreal will also take you around the city as you experience centuries of the French civilization. You can park your car and wander the narrow streets and steep hills. Sites here include the Place-Royale, Saint John Gate, Citadelle of Quebec and the Plains of Abraham. The drive is complimented by a tour of the Montmorency Falls. Most car rentals provide professional guides or maps to these areas; you will be able to identify the well-preserved historical sites.

How about the thrill of the French cuisine in Montreal? It’s every visitor’s dream experience. You can make way to an assortment of bakeries, pastry shops, boutiques and shops around town using the rental car. There are hundreds of flavors and delicacies to sample most of which have been part of the French culture for centuries. Here you will appreciate the services of your car rental in Montreal.


Those in search of a spiritual experience should make way to the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. It’s a spectacular scene in the city where you could spend up to three hours marveling at the architecture and praying with family and friends. It has positive reviews online from past visitors, and it’s likely your car rental service recommends it on the map for you.